哈佛大学校园英语情景对话 39:哈佛大学校长逸闻趣事

Han Meimei and Li Lei are chatting besides the John Harvard Statue.

H: But for President Quincy, Harvard would have lost this well-designed coat of arms. The Presidents of Harvard are interesting.


LSpeaking of this, I remember some interesting stories which happened to a couple of Harvard Presidents.


H: Tell me.


L: In 1640 the first President of Harvard College Reverend Eaton was forced to resign. The reason was very interesting. His wife didnt cook for the students with the beef she had purchased from elsewhere and she embezzled the beer prepared for the students.

L: 1640年,哈佛学院的第一任院长伊顿牧师被迫辞职,原因很有意思,他的妻子没用将收购来的牛肉做饭给学生吃,还有就是贪污了给学生准备的啤酒。

H: Was it so serious as to affect her husband’s career?


LIt was a big scandal at that time.


H: I believe if we continue to use the standards of those days, most officials will go home.


LAnother interesting story a little weird.


H: Weird? Oh, I need to be prepared for this. Schools are where horrible things often take place, especially at night. I’ve heard a lot about those ghost stories,

H:诡异?哦,我要做好心理准备。学校是恐怖故事的多发地区,特别是晚上,我听 过很多鬼故事了。

L: You have a rich imagination. There arent ghosts on earth. However, it’s a story about death.


H: Say it! Stop beating around the bush!


L: In 1683 John Rogers attained the presidency of Harvard College. He found that the Commencement Day next year, which was on July 2was a day when there would be a total solar eclipse. He thought that it’s an ominous day, so he brought Commencement Day forward to July 1. The next year, Commencement was held successfully. Rogers, however, died all of a sudden after the solar eclipse. The cause of death remains uncertain.

L: 1683年约翰*罗杰斯出任哈佛学院的院长。他发现次年毕业典礼日,即 72日,恰巧是日全食的日子。他认为那是个不吉利的日子,所以将毕业典礼提前到 71日举行。第二年毕业典礼成功举行,但罗杰斯却在日食之后突然死 亡,死因至今不明。

H: He must have offended the Sun-God.


L: Do you believe this superstitious belief? I prefer to believe it’s only a coincidence.


HLet bygones be bygones. Next


L: When he was in office, James Walker added the music class to curricula. Ironically, Walker himself was deaf.

L:詹姆士?沃尔克就任哈佛校长期间,为大学课程增添了音乐课。而具有讽刺意义 的是,沃尔克本人是个聋子。

HHe reminds me of Beethoven. We should show respect to him.


L: If so, we cant leave out President Everett.


HWhy? Did he deserve our respect as well?


L: While he was in office, Harvard enrolled the first black student in Harvard history. In 1848Harvard enrolled a black student named Williams. This decision incurred strong disapproval among white students who went to President's office and threatened to resign if the school insisted on enrolling the black student.

L:他当校长期间,哈佛招收了哈佛历史上第一名黑人学生。 1848年,哈佛招收了一位名叫威廉姆斯的黑人入学,这引起了白人学生的强烈不满,他们到校办公室,威胁说如果学院决意要收这位黑人学生,他们就会退学。

H: Racial discrimination was so serious. How did Everett handle this?

H:宗族歧视这么严重,埃弗利特怎么处理 k件事?

L: He said quietlyIf this boy passes the examinations he will be admitted; and if the white students choose to withdraw, all the income of the college will be devoted to his education.

L:他静静地回答说:“如果他通过考试,他将会被录取。如果你们这些白人学生退学, 则哈佛的收入将会被用做他的教育费用。"

H: A neat reply. The President of a university is supposed to have such boldness and breadth of spirit.


L: I agree with you. President Elliot, however, made a big mistake which make Harvard people feel a little ashamed. An old couple wanted to donate some money to Harvard so that they could build a museum Or something to remember their son who had gone. Elliot refused because he thought the poor-looking couple couldn't afford it. The couple went back home and founded Stanford University.

L:我同意。但艾略特校长却犯了一个让哈佛人感到羞愧的大错误。_对老夫妇想捐_ 些钱给哈佛,这样他们可以建一个博物馆之类的来纪念他们死去的儿子。艾略特拒 绝了,他认为这对看起来很贫穷的夫妇负担不起。这对关妇回家后建了斯坦福大学。

HWhat a shame. We should never judgebook by its cover. However, we need to thank Elliot in a sense. But for him, there would be one less good university in the United States.

H:真可惜。我们决不能以貌取人。不过,在某种意义上我们还得感谢艾略特。要不 是他,美国可就少了一所好大学了。