耶鲁大学校园英语情景对话 13:“幸福时光”

N: Hi. Sam. How are you doing? Are you accustomed to the brand new university life?


S: Pretty good. Everything is wonderful. I joined the Student Union of our college and made many new friends. Last Sunday, my classmates and I went for a picnic.

S:非常好,一切都很棒。我加入了院学生会,还交了很多新朋友。上固日,我和班 上的同学去野营了。

NI envy you. I have been longing for a picnic.


SYou are the envy of me! I have been dreaming of going abroad. By the wayhow  are you getting on with your work at Yale University?


NNot too bad.


S: Anything interesting? Tell your dear sister. She has always been your loyal listener.


N: Well, at the very beginning, the situation was terrible. You know, as the best law school all around the world, everyone here is something great.

N:哦,刚来耶鲁的时候,情况很糟。你知道的,耶鲁法学院是全球最好的法学院, 这里的每个人都是牛人。

SYou are something, too.


NYeah. I used to think so, but now I dont. Compared  with  my classmates, I  am backward in many aspects, so in the past four months, I  have  been reading  day  and night, and have attended many lectures. Anyway, it’s good to see that I am catching up with them, but I am really tired.

N:嗯。以前我也这么认为,但是现在不了。跟同学们一比,我在很多方面都很落后;所以, 4个月以来我一直在夜以继日地读书,还参加过许多讲座。不管怎样,我正在赶上他们,这点挺欣慰的,但是我真得很累。

SDont bum your candle at both ends. You need to relax yourself from time to time. I heard that there are many recreational activities such as Master’s Tea.

S:不要太拚命了。要适当地放松_下。我听说你们学校有许多娱乐活动啊,比如院 长茶会。

N: That J for college students. For postgraduate ', event)"> graduates, there is a weekly gathering at the weekend. We also have many birthday parties. In addition,“ happy houris Law School’s specialty.

N:那是本科生的院长茶会。研究生每固末会有一个研究生聚会,还有很多生日聚会。 另外,"幸福时光”是法学院的一个特色。

SWhat doeshappy hourmean?

S: “幸福时光”是什么意思?

N: Every Friday, the dinning hall will be open to teachers and students at 5 p. m. During this time, drinks and foods are all offered for free.

N:每个星期五的下午 5点,法学院的餐厅将向全体师生开放。这时候,饮料和食品 都是免费供应的。

SYou mean people can drink and eat without paying?


NThat’s right. It’s the liveliest time of Law Schoolwith  so  many  people  chatting  and laughing. Sometimes, the dean and some famous professors may also show up. This is a great opportunity to network, catch up with long-time friends, and make new friends.

N:对。那是一固最热闹的时刻,整个法学院人声鼎沸,说说笑笑。院长和一些著名 的教授有时也会出现。这为拓展人际关系、与老朋友联络感情,以及结识新朋友 都提供了绝好机会。

SIt must be great fun to join such parties every week.


NLife is not all beer and skittles. Except for the leisure  timewe  have  to  study with diligence. It’s a matter of daily occurrence to stay up reading.

N:生活并不都是吃喝玩乐。休闲之外,我们就得努力学习了。熬夜读书对我们来说 简直是家常便饭。

SPerhaps this is whathappy hourreally means: throw yourself into work, and enjoy yourself to the utmost.


NAll work, no play, makes Jack a dull boy.


SThat’s quite right. Are there any other interesting things?


N: Let me see. Last Sundaywe were invited to a Tort Law professor’s home. I was really shocked that the 70 - year old professor lives with his wife in a farm which is inside a forest, with surrounding hills and a small lake. It’s so beautiful that I tended to linger on there.

N:让我想想。上周日,教《侵权法》的老教授邀请我们去他家里做客了。当我看到 70岁的老教授和他的夫人住在森林中的时候,简直惊呆了一那是一个农场,群山环绕,还有一个小小的湖。美得令我流连忘返。

SMaybe the professor will invite you once more.


NWell, he said that the farm is open to everyone, we can go anytime.


SIt seems that you keep good relationship with your teachers.


NYeah. At Yale, it’s very common for professors to invite students to their houses. You know, Yale is a university caring much of interpersonal relationships.

N:是呀。在耶鲁,教授请学生到家里做客是很平常的事情。要知道,耶鲁是很重视 人与人之间的交往的。

S: I also want to apply to Yale after graduation.


N: Well, then you should work hard to lay a good foundation.


SI will.


N: The semester is ending. What’s your plan for summer vacation?


SWell, I havent thought about it yet. I'm busy preparing for final exams. What about you?


N: I’m also busy preparing for term papers. I planned to travel around USA, but havent decided where to go. By the way, it would be the Spring Fling in two weeks.


S: What’s that?


N: It is an annual festival for the students to have fun at the end of each spring semester. Usually it begins on the Friday of the second to last week of the semester and continues until Saturday night. Beginning in 1973Fling is dubbed the largest college party on the East Coast. There may also be a range of Happy Hours.

N:就是每年的春季学期末尾举办的一种校园狂欢活动;通常是在本学期倒数第二固的周五开始,一直持续到周六晚上。春季狂欢节开始于 1973年,被称为美国东海岸最盛大的校园狂欢活动。可能会有各种形式的"幸福时光"哦。

S: I really envy you!


N: Ok. Now please go to the library and work hard just as what I did.


S: Ok. Bye.


N: Have fun.