Melody Bales: ' The Lady From Haiti '

旋律包: 那位女士从海地 '

There is a colorful Caribbean art gallery and gift boutique located downtown in Naples, Florida. The store is small and offers a large collection of beautiful Haitian paintings and other art that you cannot find anywhere else.


The store is namedThe Lady From Haiti.Behind its funky name is a story of love.

商店被命名为海地从夫人 '。其时髦的名字后面是一个爱的故事。

Melody Bales owns the store. Bales took an interest in the Caribbean early in life, partly because of its art.


It was the paintings originally that attracted me to Haiti. I had seen one in a studio in a gallery on St. John's Island, one of the American Virgin Islands. And I speak French. I was fascinated by the sound of the language and my parents had gotten me a book when I was a young kid calledThe Slave Who Freed Haiti.And it was the story of Toussaint Louverture, the slave that led the revolt against Napoleon.

"这是最初的画作,吸引我的海地。我曾见过一个库中的一个摄影棚里圣约翰岛,一个美国维尔京群岛。我讲法语。被迷住了语言的声音和我的父母送给我一本书叫 '奴隶谁释放海地。' 年轻的小孩子的时候那是杜桑 · 卢维杜尔,领导对拿破仑的反抗的奴隶的故事。

" So I think the fact that that was somehow embedded in my consciousness and the sound of the French language and my love for the Caribbean. So that made me want to go to and live in Haiti.


So, that is what she did.


In the mid 1980 s, Melody Bales moved to Haiti, where she taught second grade students.


I landed there and I was in shock that I couldn't use my French too much because the official language is French, but the people speak Creole. But I adjusted really well to my class. It was a second grade class.


" I had wonderful children from diplomats from all over the world because Port au Prince is a capital city and I had the children of American businessmen before the embargo had ruined their businesses and the Haitian elite sent their children to our school. It was an American curriculum and that's what they wanted."


Bales also taught swimming after school and in the summertime. She fell in love with Haiti, especially its people.


I think the people of Haiti are wonderful. They're very, very sweet. They're humble, they're accepting of their plight, a lot of times. They work very hard if they get a chance.


" They're modest they're kind, they're sharing, all the different things that, people that aren't in a big rush to get somewhere fast and achieve and to grab more and more for themselves. A lot of the things that we don't experience so much in our country anymore are still present in Haiti.


Bales says she wishes that Americans knew more about the Caribbean island’s rich culture as well.


I would love people in this country to understand that Haiti has so much more to offer, even though it's not an educated society, for the most part. They have so much more to offer creatively, musically, artistically. The poetry, the literature, they come from a rich background…"

"我爱的人在这个国家,要了解,海地有更多提供,即使它不是一个受过良好教育的社会,大部分为。他们有太多需要提供创造性地、 音乐、 艺术。诗歌,文学,他们来自一个富裕的背景"

Bales stayed in Haiti for six years, much longer than expected. She says each time she planned to return to the U. S., something held her back. And, then came the chance of a lifetime: a Haitian baby girl in need of a mother.

包在海地一呆就是六年,比预期更长的时间。她说,每次她打算回到美国,东西她退缩。,然后来了一个千载难逢的机会︰ 海地宝贝女孩需要一位母亲。

I had wanted to have a childI had done an unsuccessful in vitro and then I told a doctor friend of mine, a Haitian doctor friend of mine, that it didn't work. And he said,‘ So, are you ready for a Haitian baby?I said, ' I just want a baby.'"


Soon, Bales was connected with a pregnant woman who could not afford to care for the coming baby. But, there was little time left to act.


I met this mother, she was going to have the baby within two weeks. So, in that period of time I took her to the doctor, another friend of my doctor friend's, and had asonogramand I was thrilled to see that it was a healthy developed girl.

"我遇到了这位母亲,她要在两周内有婴儿。所以,在那段时间我带她去看医生,我的医生朋友的另一位朋友, asonogram......,我激动了,看看它是一个健康的发达国家的女孩。

Melody Bales says it was a match made in heaven. She named her daughter Rachel.


I tell my daughter Rachel I've known her longer than she's known me. I saw her first.


Bales returned to the United States with her daughter Rachel to begin their lives together.


Rachel was the inspiration forThe Lady from Haitistore. Bales says she wanted her daughter to grow up surrounded by the Haitian native culture, with its beautiful colors, creativity and spirit.

雷切尔是"海地从夫人"商店的灵感来源。包说她想她的女儿长大后包围海地的本土文化,以其美丽的色彩、 创造力和精神。

The art in Haiti is one of the strongest features about the Haitian culture. There are basically five schools, different schools of art in Haiti. The ones that a lot of people think of[ are] the market scenes or the peaceable kingdom scene, the jungle animals. And those are very charming.

"在海地艺术是关于海地文化的最强大功能之一。基本上有五所学校,在海地的艺术流派。很多人认为的 [是] 市场场景或和平的王国场景,丛林动物。那些很有魅力。

And then there's a school of the voodoo art, which is - - it's pretty strongVoodoo is a pantheistic religion that came from Africa and the Haitian people brought a lot of those beliefs with them.

"然后有是巫毒的艺术,是一所学校 — — 它是很强巫毒教是一个泛神论的宗教,来自非洲和海地人民带来了很多那些与他们的信仰。

Another popular Haitian art form found atThe Lady from Haitiis made from recycled material.


" It's called fer dé coupé which means cut metal, and it's literally 55 - gallon drums that have been cut with a cold chisel and a ball peen hammer.

"它被称为 fer dé coupé这意味着切割金属,和它是从字面上 55加仑桶装已经切与冷凿子和一把球头锤"。

Bales explains that a design is drawn on the metal before the artist begins to make the cuts.


And they're fashioned into the most beautiful creations, sometimes they're exotic animals or religious icons or country scenes. But each time I see one, it's justit's really satisfying because I realize it's hard work, sweat, a wonderful imagination and I love them because they have so much detail.


Bales also loves the papier mache art made in Haiti.


" I think the Papier Mache is cute just because it's so whimsical. It's made from recycled cement bags. They use a heavy - duty craft paper in Haiti, which is so heavy that it actually cracks when you fold it. And they use a ground up root, I believe it's called manioc, as the paste and they make really charming little animals.


Melody Bales is grateful for the wonderful things Haiti has given her, especially daughter Rachel. The Lady From Haitigallery will continue to give back to the island as it shares Haitian art, color and spirit with the rest of the world.

旋律包是感谢这些奇妙的东西,海地给了她,尤其是女儿拉结。"那位女士从海地"画廊将继续回给岛,因为它与世界其他国家共享海地艺术、 颜色和精神。

I’m Marsha James.

我是玛莎 · 詹姆斯。


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boutiquen. a small store that sells stylish clothing or other usually expensive things

精品—— n一家小店,卖时尚服装或其他通常昂贵的东西。

funky–– n. adj. stylish or appealing in an unusual way

时髦---— — 联合国的时尚或不寻常的方式吸引人;

galleryn. a room or building in which people look at painting, sculptures, etc.

画廊—— n.房间或建筑物的人们看看绘画、 雕塑等。

embeddedv. to place or set something firmly in something else

深 — — 五、 放置或设置的东西牢牢锁定在别的东西

consciousness - n. the normal state of being awake and able to understand what is happening around you

意识 - n.正常状态,清醒,能够了解什么发生在你身边

diplomatn. a person who represents his or her country’s government in a foreign country

外交官 - - n代表他或她的国家政府在国外的人。

eliten. the people who have the most wealth and status in a society

精英化—— n在一个社会中有最大的财富和地位的人。

curriculumn. the courses that are taught by a school, college, etc.

课程—— n.由学校、 学院等教的课程。

in vitroadj. fertilization of an egg outside the mother’s body

体外 — — 的; 受精的蛋母亲的身体之外

sonogramn. a picture that is taken of the inside of a person’s body by using a special machine

声像图—— n.里面的一个人的身体通过使用一个特殊的机器采取的图片

voodoon. a religion that is practiced chiefly in Haiti

巫毒教—— n练习主要在海地的宗教。

pantheismn. a doctrine that identifies God with the universe

泛神论—— n.标识与宇宙的上帝的教义

papier machen. a material that is made of paper mixed with water, glue, and other substances and that hardens as it dries

纸塑—— n.一种材料,用纸做的水、 胶水、 与其他物质混合时它变干变硬,

gratefuladj. feeling or showing thanks

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