李开复罹患淋巴癌 网友纷纷表达问候

An unusual somberness fell over the normally raucous Chinese Internet on Friday as news spread that one of the country's most influential tech figures and biggest social media stars has been diagnosed with cancer. 周五,随着中国最具影响力的科技人物、最知名的社交媒体明星之一被诊断罹患癌症的消息传开,通常喧嚣的中国互联网上出现了少有的忧郁气氛。

Lee Kai-fu, former head of China operations for Google, first suggested that he had been hit with the disease in a somewhat cryptic post on his verified Sina Weibo microblog feed late Thursday night. 前谷歌 (Google)大中华区总裁李开复( Lee Kai-fu)上周四晚间在其新浪认证微博账户中发布了一篇隐晦的微博,最先暗示自己罹患癌症。

' The world is mutable and life has limits, ' he wrote. ' It turns out that everyone is equal in the face of cancer.' 他写道:世事无常,生命有限。原来,在癌症面前,人人平等。

In a second, more detailed post Friday morning, he revealed that he had lymphoma, a type of blood cancer that affects white blood cells. Mr. Lee, 52, confirmed the diagnosis in an email. 在上周五早间另外一篇更为详细的微博中,他披露自己罹患淋巴癌。淋巴癌是一种影响白血球的血癌。 52岁的李开复在一封电子邮件中证实了自己被诊断罹患癌症。

李开复罹患淋巴癌 网友纷纷表达问候

By Friday evening, the two posts had been reposted a total of more than 250, 000 times and garnered more than 300, 000 comments. The news was also the most-searched topic on China's biggest search engine, Baidu. 截至上周五晚间,这两篇微博共被转发超过 25万次,有 30多万条评论。这一消息也是中国最大的搜索引擎百度 (Baidu)上的最热搜话题。

Mr. Lee, who is Taiwanese, is one of the most celebrated executives in the Chinese tech world, thanks largely to his work heading up the China operations of Microsoft and later Google. Microsoft sued him in an effort to keep him from moving to Google, which he left in 2009 to launch venture-capital fund Innovation Works. 李开复是台湾人,他是中国科技圈中最知名的高管之一,这主要是因为他曾担任微软 (Microsoft)中国业务负责人,之后还曾担任谷歌大中华区总裁。微软曾起诉李开复,以便阻止他加盟谷歌。 2009年,李开复离开谷歌,成立了风投基金创新工场( Innovation Works)。

In his email to China Real Time, Mr. Lee said the cancer had made him second-guess the physical sacrifices he had made during his career. ' I naively used to compete with others to see who could sleep less. I made ' fighting to the death ' a personal motto, ' he wrote. ' It's only now, when I'm suddenly faced with possibly losing 30 years of life, that I've been able to calm down and reconsider. That sort of persistence may have been a mistake. '李开复在致“中国实时报”( China Real Time)栏目的电子邮件中说,癌症令他反思自己在职业生涯中身体健康上做出的牺牲。他写道,我曾天真的和人比赛谁的睡眠更少。努力把“拼命”作为自己的一个标签。只有到现在,当我突然面对也许会失去 30年生命的可能时,我才冷静下来反思。这种以健康为代价的坚持,不一定是对的。

In recent years, Mr. Lee has become at least as well known for his activity on Sina Weibo, China's equivalent to Twitter, where he has more than 51 million followers. ( He also posts in English on Twitter, where he has just over a million followers.) 近年来,李开复在新浪微博上的活动也使他声名远扬。他在新浪微博上有逾 5,100万粉丝。他也在推特 (Twitter)上发布英文微博,他在推特上只有 100多万粉丝。

The executive is a leading member of the so-called ' Big V ' class of commentators on Weibo, influential users whose accounts are stamped with the letter ' V ' to indicate their verified status. Propaganda authorities have recently taken aim at the Big Vs - - particularly those, like Mr. Lee, who have been critical of censorship - - urging them to be more ' constructive ' in what they say online. 李开复是新浪微博上所谓的“大 V”评论人士中的一位主要人物。“大 V”指的是那些账户有“ V”字认证、颇具影响力的用户。宣传部门最近将矛头对准“大 V”,特别是像李开复这样批评审查制度的“大 V”,敦促他们的网络言论要更“有建设性”。

Mr. Lee's accounts on Sina Weibo and a similar service run by Tencent were suspended for three days in February, shortly after he posted a message questioning the management of a state-run search engine. 今年 2月,李开复曾发布一篇微博,对一个国有搜索引擎的管理提出质疑,之后不久他的新浪微博账户和腾讯微博账户被禁言三天。

Though conservative Internet users have on occasion been viciously critical of the U. S. - educated Mr. Lee, whom they see as an agent of the West, response to the news of his cancer was overwhelmingly sympathetic Friday as microbloggers flooded his feed with get-well messages. 尽管保守的互联网用户认为在美国受过教育的李开复是西方的代言人,并时不时强烈抨击他,但上周五对他患癌消息的评论绝大多数都充满同情,微博用户的评论中满是祝福的信息。

' Seeing all this concern and support, I'm genuinely moved! ' he wrote in response. ' Illness is a part of life. I plan to face life's vagaries with a more positive mindset.' 他回复道:看到评论里这么多网友的问候和关心,真的很感动!病痛也是生活的一部分,我会选择更加积极的心态来面对生活起伏。

His new plan: ' Sleep enough, adjust my diet and start exercising again.' 他的新计划是:保证充足的睡眠,调整饮食,重新开始锻炼。