驱逐陈词滥调 让你的简历被一眼相中

In this dismal job market, a resume that stands out from the crowd can make the difference between getting hired - - or at least making it to the interview stage - - and getting nowhere. The secret to a CV that will give you a fighting chance: Learn to replace tired old words and phrases with what Rob McGovern calls" accomplishment-speak." 如今,就业市场惨淡。求职者是淹没在竞争者的汪洋大海之中,还是赢得面试机会,甚至最终被录用,可能就取决于简历能否脱颖而出。要想获得放手一搏的机会,一份精彩的简历必不可少,秘诀在于:摒弃陈词滥调,取而代之以罗伯•麦戈文所提倡的“成就型语言”。

Founder and CEO of job networking site Jobfox, McGovern sees thousands of resumes every month and, along with his team, gets paid to rewrite them. " The most common mistake job hunters make is defining themselves by a role or title, instead of telling what they actually did," he says. 作为求职社交网站 Jobfox的创始人和 CEO,麦戈文每月要阅读几千份简历,他的团队专门为付费的求职者修改简历。他说:“求职者最常见的错误就是用简单的工作职位或头衔来描述自己,而忽视了对实际工作成绩的介绍。

驱逐陈词滥调 让你的简历被一眼相中

What's the difference? " It's one thing to identify yourself as a software programmer, period, and quite another to say, ' Developed a program with 60% fewer bugs that was adopted three times faster by customers than the previous version, '" McGovern says. The latter language" gives prospective employers a clear picture of what you can do for them." 两者的区别究竟在哪里?“方式一:简单写明职务如软件程序员和担任此职位的工作时间;方式二:‘成功开发新程序,且新程序的漏洞比上一版本减少 60%,顾客接受速度比上一版本快三倍’。”麦戈文还说,后一种语言“为未来雇主清晰地展现了求职者的能力。

Sales executives, he notes, seem to have a particular aversion to accomplishment-speak. " They'll write ' Managed the northwest territory. ' Well, that doesn't tell me anything," McGovern says. " Instead, say something like, ' Led a team of six salespeople who increased revenues by $4 million in 2010. ' Now you've got my attention." 麦戈文提到,销售主管们好像特别不愿意采用“成就型语言”。“在他们的简历里,通常可以看到这种字眼:‘负责西北地区’,这样的语言没有任何信息量。”麦戈文说,“但是如果这样写:‘带领六人的销售团队在 2010年实现了 4百万美元的收益增长’,就一定能够吸引我的注意。

Or take the word" entrepreneurial," which gets often splashed onto people's resumes without any supporting evidence. " This word is a big yawn, so don't use it," McGovern says. 取“创业精神”的例子来说,这个词在求职者的简历中随处可见,通常都缺乏支持性的证据。“这个词已经用烂了,所以不必再用,”麦戈文说。

" What ' entrepreneurial ' actually means is that you can take the initiative to start new things, so give an example of a time when you did that, for instance, ' Created a new business process that increased customer satisfaction by X%, ' or whatever it was that you achieved." “创业精神的真正含义是主动尝试新事物,所以一旦决定采用这样的词汇,就要给出具体的例子,比如说,‘建立了新的业务流程,使客户满意度提高了若干个百分点’,或者其他的成功事例。

McGovern notes that, with companies seeing more resumes per job opening than at any time in recent memory," a current trend is to put a career summary at the top, to give a concise overview of your whole career so far. Cliches like ' proven, ' ' dedicated, ' and ' detail-oriented ' often get strung together in those paragraphs," says McGovern. 麦戈文说,近期,各公司每个招聘职位所收到的简历数量之多前所未有,“现在比较流行的做法是以职业概述为开头,简单概括迄今为止求职者的职业生涯。常常可以见到‘可靠’‘专注’‘注重细节’这样的用词一连串的出现在概述段落中。

A much better approach:" Use that prime real estate to describe one or two of your biggest achievements in concrete terms. A resume should be a history of your specific accomplishments and tell what problems you have solved for previous employers. Most resumes do not do that, and that's why they don't get read." 更好的方法是:“在简历开头的醒目位置,用务实的语言描述一到两个最重大的成就。简历应该是求职者的一份详细的成就履历,并且展示其为前雇主所解决的实际问题。大部分简历正是因为没有做到这一点,所以才无人问津。

McGovern claims that deleting cliché s and using accomplishment-speak instead can give your job hunt a significant boost. " We've had people who were out of work for six months rewrite their resumes correctly and find a job in three weeks," he says, adding:" Usually, we charge $350 to circle the worthless cliché s in a resume and send it back to the person for translation into accomplishment-speak. But you can do it yourself for free." Nice to know. 麦戈文称,找出简历中的陈词滥调,并用“成就型语言”加以替换,可以极大地提高求职成功率。“我们有过一个经典案例:一位已经失业六个月的求职者,适当修改简历后,三个礼拜就找到了工作。”他还谈道:“通常我们为求职者剔除简历上无意义、陈旧过时的用语,再加工成‘成功型语言’,如此润色过程要收取 350美元的费用。但其实不用花一毛钱,求职者自己也可以做到。”这真是个好消息。