When IT employees meet with Texas Health Resources CIO Edward Marx, there's a good chance they'll be riding an exercise bike or walking on a treadmill during the meeting. That's because their newly renovated Arlington, Texas, office now has two conference rooms outfitted with exercise equipment. One room features eight spin bikes facing one another and the other has four treadmills. Employees can also reserve them for their own meetings.

Texas Health Resources公司信息技术部门的工作人员和公司首席信息长马克斯( Edward Marx)开会时,他们很可能或是骑着室内健身脚踏车,或是在跑步机上。因为公司在得克萨斯州阿灵顿(( Arlington)新装修的办公室里,有两个会议室配有健身器材。其中一个会议室拥有八辆面对面摆放的健身脚踏车,另一个会议室里有四台跑步机。员工们自己也可以在这两个会议室开会。

Texas Health Resources, a network of 25 hospitals, needs to lead by example in making it easy for employees to stay healthy, said Mr. Marx. Yet the move was also partially inspired by the extremely competitive market for healthcare IT employees. " We wanted to make our environment as attractive as possible for recruitment and retention," he told CIO Journal.

Texas Health Resources是一个由 25家医院组成的网络。马克斯说,该公司需要在如何让员工轻松地保持健康方面做出表率。不过,这家公司采取上述做法还有一个原因,那就是医疗保健行业信息技术人员供不应求。他告诉《华尔街日报》 CIO Journal栏目,为了雇佣和留住员工,我们想要让工作环境尽可能地有吸引力。

Research shows the deleterious effects of sitting for more than three hours per day. Standing desks and even treadmill desks are making their way into the workplace. A number of companies such as Roche Holding AG's Genentech unit have also designated conference rooms without furniture for standing meetings. But few companies have actually gone so far as to equip conference space with treadmills and spin bikes. The Mayo Clinic says it has worked with a few companies including staffing firm Sá lo, LLC to put exercise equipment in meeting rooms and look at the impact on employee health. Sá lo's effort was first reported in The New York Times.

Texas Health Resources公司首席信息长马克斯带着员工在跑步机上开会研究显示,每天坐着超过三小时有害健康。因此,在一些工作场所出现了站着使用的办公桌和带跑步机的办公桌。罗氏公司( Roche Holding AG)的子公司 Genentech以及一些其他公司已经设置了没有座椅的会议室,以便能让员工站着开会。但是几乎没有公司在会议室配备跑步机和健身脚踏车。梅奥诊所(( Mayo Clinic)说,已经与包括人力资源公司 Salo LLC在内的几家公司合作,在后者的会议室里放置了健身器材,并观察这种做法对员工健康的影响。

' If you have a group of employees sitting for 40-60 hours per week, you should get them up and doing something or you'll pay more on the back end for knee replacements[ for overweight employees], ' says Gabriel Koepp, project manager at Mayo Clinic who has worked on some of these corporate exercise efforts. Some studies have shown that companies can lower their medical costs and reduce employee absenteeism with corporate fitness programs, he said.

梅奥诊所的项目经理克普( Gabriel Koepp)说,如果你的员工每周坐 4060个小时,你应该让他们站起来做一些活动,否则你就要花更多钱(为超重的员工)进行膝盖置换手术。克普已经在开展一些企业健身方面的项目。他说,一些研究显示,通过开展健康计划,企业可以降低医疗开销,提高出勤率。

Mr. Koepp works at a treadmill desk walking at slow pace of about 1 mile per hour for several hours throughout the day while wearing a collared shirt. ' I don't a break a sweat, ' he says. Exercising while working or meeting with colleagues is more about moving slowly for longer periods rather than striving for a 6 - minute mile.

克普每天穿著有领衬衫在一个跑步机办公桌边工作几个小时,以每小时大约 1英里的速度缓慢步行。他说,我并没有费很大的劲。边运动边工作或者边运动边与同事开会更主要的意义在于,它能让人有更多时间缓步走动,而不是让人练出六分钟跑一英里的速度。

Still, exercising at work isn't for everyone. Some people have trouble typing, for example, when they're on a treadmill. Others use the equipment initially but then it starts to collect dust much like a stationary bike in the bedroom.


The exercise rooms at Texas Health currently have about a 25% utilization rate. Mr. Marx says he thinks it's simply a new concept and employees will adjust to it. He tries to schedule meetings in the exercise conference rooms as much as possible. It's easy, he says, for him to walk and talk to colleagues at the same time. Yet, employees are welcome to bring in a chair if they'd prefer to sit during meetings, he said, adding," nobody is forced to do it."

Texas Health Resources公司健身房的使用率为 25%马克斯说,他认为这是一个新概念,员工们会习惯的。他尝试尽可能地把会议安排在健身房会议室举行。不过他也说,员工们如果想要坐着开会,他们完全可以自带座椅,没有人是被迫这么做的。

The conference rooms have already helped Mr. Marx hire one new director who was" amazed at the company's focus on employee well-being." Mr. Marx says he's not finished. Next on the list is a yoga and meditation room.