Island of the Dolls (Mexico)


Lying off the canals of Xochimilco, in Mexico, is a chinampa covered with hundreds of dolls. Gathered by Don Julian Santana Barrera who collected rubbish piles, the dolls were hung from trees to keep away evil spirits and remember the drowning death of a young girl. According to Barrera, the dolls he planted and hung around the chinampa were still alive but forgotten by their owners. While alive, Barrera would move the dolls around the island from different trees, creating a chilling sight. The chinampa is accessible by boat and the dolls are still around, despite Barrera&# 39; s death in 1992.

墨西哥霍奇米尔科的运河上有一个堆着几百个玩偶的人造草坪。唐·朱利安·桑塔纳·巴雷拉收集了一堆堆垃圾,这些玩偶就是他收集来的。它们被吊在树上,用来祛除邪灵,以及纪念一个溺亡的小女孩。据巴雷拉说,他在人造草坪上安置和挂起来的玩偶其实还活着,只是被它们的主人遗忘了。巴雷拉在世时会把岛上的玩偶挪到不同的树上,制造出一片令人不寒而栗的景象。人们可以乘船到达这个人造草坪。尽管巴雷拉在 1992年已经去世,但这些玩偶现在仍保留在原地。

Sedlec Ossuary[藏骨堂]( Czech Republic)


The grounds of Sedlec Ossuary, in Kutná Hora, were already a popular burial destination, due to a monk sprinkling the cemetery with dirt from Golgotha. To deal with the demand of tourists, a large church was built. This began a 400 - year-long tradition of digging up the bodies to create the decorations. Around 1870, a woodcarver named Franti? ek Rint organised all the bones into complicated and chilling sculptures, chandeliers and coat-of-arms. The Ossuary has since become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Czech Republic.

位于捷克库特纳霍拉的塞德莱克人骨教堂本来就是一个很受欢迎的墓葬点,这是因为一位修道士在墓地洒下来自各各他的泥土。为了应对游客的需求,这里建起了一座大教堂,从而开创了一项持续 400年的传统——挖出人骨来装饰教堂。 1870年左右,一个名叫弗朗齐歇克·林特的木刻家将所有的骨头整理起来,制作成精细而吓人的雕塑、吊灯和纹章图案。从此,人骨教堂便成为了捷克共和国最热门的旅游目的地之一。

Gridley Tunnel (Japan)


You may have some issues accessing this small, narrow tunnel in Yokosuka, Japan, but between midnight and 1 AM on rainy nights, a samurai keen on revenging his master will appear. Surprisingly shy, this warrior only appears to solo travellers, and there are online reports from foreigners that left the tunnel disappointed. Some believe his spirit is unsettled as he is unable to finish a task for his master and loyalty prevents him from finding peace.


Hill of Crosses (Lithuania)


Birds of a feather are not the only ones who flock together. On a lonely hill fort in 1831, people planted crosses to remember loved ones who died in an uprising against the Russian empire. Over time, with more battles and unrest, the Hill of Crosses in? iauliai, Lithuania, became popular as a place for prayer, remembrance, resistance and even more crosses.As of today, there are well over 100,000 crosses standing next to one another, with small religious statues, rosaries and portraits in between. It has survived repeated attempts to remove the crosses, including bulldozing. Though it appears out of this world and spooky, it is, at heart, a peaceful location earning plaudits from Pope John Paul II and others.

不是只有志趣相同的人才会聚集在一起。 1831年,在一个孤零零的山丘上,人们竖立十字架纪念在反抗俄罗斯帝国的起义中死亡的亲人。随着时间的推移,战争和动荡增多,立陶宛的希奥利艾十字架山也成了一个很有人气的地方。人们在那里祈祷,纪念亲人,进行抗争,还立起了更多十字架。直至今天,这里有超过十万个十字架,鳞次栉比,中间点缀着小小的宗教雕塑、念珠和肖像。有人多次试图清除这里的十字架,还出动了推土机,然而它们都挺过来了。虽然这块地方看起来不太寻常,并且有点幽深,但从本质上而言,这是一个宁静之所,受到教皇约翰·保罗二世等人的赞美。

The Winchester Mystery House (USA)


After losing her husband and young child, Sarah Winchester became convinced that spirits were cursing her family due to the guns made by the Winchester family empire. To fix this, she located an unfinished farm and commenced building around the clock. Construction work never ceased during her lifetime( not even for a minute), with Sarah believing it would stave off angry spirits. Today, the four-storey home with 160 rooms is open to the public, in San Jose, California, USA. It is a confusing array of rooms, doors that open to walls and non-functioning bathrooms. Look out for Mrs. Winchester&# 39; s favourite decorations: the number 13 and spider webs.

失去了丈夫和年幼的孩子后,莎拉·温彻斯特开始相信恶灵诅咒了她的家庭——因为温彻斯特家族王国生产枪炮。为了解决这个问题,她找到了一个未建成的农场,开始日夜不休地建设。建筑工程在她在世时从来没有停止过(连一分钟也没有停下),因为莎拉相信这样做能避开愤怒的恶灵。今天,这座位于美国加利福尼亚州圣何塞市的宅邸已向公众开放。它楼高四层,共有 160间客房。这些房间错综复杂,有通向墙壁的门和无法使用的浴室。留意温彻斯特夫人最爱的装饰——数字“ 13”和蜘蛛网。

Pripyat (Ukraine)


Abandoned in 1986, Pripyat was established as a city for workers at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Evacuated after the disaster, the Ukrainian city has existed in standstill, a picture of slow destruction. With no maintenance performed on buildings, roofs fall, water leaks and trees grow through floors.Some people have travelled through to take photos and measure radioactivity levels in the area, but this is an adventure best left to the experts.

普里皮亚季是为切尔诺贝利核电站工人而建的城市,于 1986年被遗弃。切尔诺贝利核电站爆炸灾难发生后,市民全部撤离,这座乌克兰城市从此一片死寂,呈现出一片缓慢衰败的景象。失去维护的建筑物出现屋顶坍塌以及漏水等情况,树木穿过地板长了出来。有些人来到这里拍照和测量这片地区的放射性水平,不过这种冒险行为最好还是留给专家吧。

London&# 39; s Tube Network( Great Britain)


As if public transport could not get any worse, apparently there are now haunted stations to deal with. At Bank station, London, people report terrible smells and feelings of sadness and hopelessness. Though located on a former plague burial site, we cannot tell if people are affected by the thought of going to work or supernatural activity, so we will leave it up to you.Other supposedly haunted Tube stations include Covent Garden, Hyde Park and King’s Cross St. Pancras. The no-longer-in-use British Museum station is reported to be haunted by an Egyptian princess upset at being on display nearby.